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Rethink how to stay active! 


You just cannot roll out of bed in the morning. 
Time flies so fast that you forget what day of the week it is.
You're already tired by the time you walk into work.
You're overwhelmed by all the work you still have to do

You want it to change?
​To take time FOR YOURSELF, to relieve your stress and have fun?

You want it to change? To take time FOR YOURSELF, relieve your stress and have fun?

Stand up and move with us!

Stand up and move with us! 

Health dashboard
More than a number 
​on the scale!
An individual fitness assessment to help you stay on track with your physical health. (2 for 150$)
         A little 15 minute break 
​Easy to slip into your schedule!
Move more through the motivation of the group and the energy of the kinesiologist who ensures you are doing the movements correctly. (start at 70$/month

AMiGO is ...

A way to stay motivated
Quick 15-minute sessions, overseen by a kinesiologist
Suitable for all conditions (all levels) 
Developed specifically for office workers (no need to change clothes)
Use the promo code : PROTEXIO when purchasing the AMiGO membership of your choice and receive a rebate of 50% on the health dashboard (a $75 value)
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